el Local

el local best italian restaurant ibiza

About Us

el local best italian restaurant ibiza

el Local was born in the summer of 2017 being at the beginning a dream of its owner Michele Zampieri, an Italian in love with Ibiza. On his trips to the island the idea of this project hovered in his head, he established himself as a resident in the Ibiza island in 2002.

Michele has always worked in the world of entertainment and music and simply adores the reception of the islanders and the perfect multicultural mix of the people of Ibiza.

The idea of “mixing” the style of Italian cuisine with cuisines of the world is an ambitious and fun project at the same time. “The people of Ibiza have always wanted to share and try different flavours. el Local is the perfect place where you can taste HAPPY FOOD FOR HAPPY PEOPLE.


el Local is a home cooking restaurant in a small setting with no storage, so everything is prepared daily and we work with suppliers who deliver every day.

We use fresh Italian products and PDO such as Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, Burrata di Puglia, Guanciale stagionato and other sausages 100% made in Italy, as well as of course exclusively pasta of Neapolitan origin. Our fish is delivered every day by an Ibizan fisherman. The pork comes from animals raised happily in Ibiza. The chickens that we use in our kitchen are raised in vast fields. High-quality Angus meat is delivered to us vacuum-packed weekly by importers directly from Nebraska and Argentina, depending on the cut. Our recipes are based on the use of fruits and vegetables in season, grown in Ibiza.

Most of our preparations are made with the Sous Vide low-temperature cooking technique, which allows us, in addition to preserving heat-sensitive nutrients, to enhance the natural flavor of the raw material used.